Since the beginning of the 1980s, our company has developed its own file handling software. Today and after 30 years of development, we proudly present our online system BROWNET. It provides access to all the information and documents related to each file as well as the work carried out by our professional Adjusters and Surveyors. Depending on permission levels, clients and other authorized parties can access each file, make their own analysis and download statistics. Our distributed server architecture enables us to guarantee complete information security and reliability.


After almost a century in this business, we have created our own network of surveyors around the world.
It is a flexible structure that consists of professionals specialized in different areas, sometimes in the same city or port, which are appointed based on the type of goods and tasks involved.
All information gathered by our surveyors is uploaded to our BROWNET system in real time and can be accessed by the client when needed.
All our reports are issued in English, Spanish or Portuguese.


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